1st EU-Africa PerMed Summer School

Personalised Medicine Summer School

This interactive training event or “Summer School” will be the first in-person training event of the EU Africa PerMed project.

The EU Africa PerMed “Summer Schools” will to allow early career professionals to acquire new knowledge and skills in personalised medicine (PM) research. These training events are a platform for sharing insight and experiences in PM research in both regions, and to share and discuss examples of EU – Africa PM collaborations. The Summer Schools also aim to foster collaboration in PM research between EU and African research teams, providing an opportunity for networking among participants and lecturers.

Lectures on key topics are followed by group work where participants analyze a case study, respond to a questionnaire or perform other interactive work with their peers. Prior to the training event, participants are provided with bibliography on the topics to be covered. At the end of the event, participants must pass a short exam on the content of the lectures to obtain their certificate of attendance.

The first Summer School focusing on “Standards in personalised medicine research” will take place in Cape Town, South Africa on February 22 & 23, 2023 in person. It will cover key stages of PM research and the importance integrating standards for quality research at each stage and its importance for international collaborations in PM. It will also have a focused session on research teams with ongoing Africa – EU collaborations.

It is open to 20 junior researchers, policy makers and health care workers from EU and African countries who will be evaluated and admitted on a competitive basis. Ten participants will selected to receive a travel grant. Participation in this training event is free of cost.

Organized by the EU Africa PerMed consortium and hosted by the South African Medical Research Council, the Summer School will take place “back to back” with the 2nd EU-Africa PerMed Stakeholder Workshop.

The deadline for submitting applications is Sunday 8 January 2023 at 23h59 Central European Time.

To apply for this training event please:

  1. Read the “Applicant instructions and criteria” document below
  2. Fill out the following application form: https://survey.ecrin.org/surveys/?s=9PWMCWJKNJKF3ANF
  3. Upload you CV (max 2 pg + relevant publications) in PDF format as well as your recommendation letter to the application form or send it via email to the address indicated in the “Applicant instructions and criteria” document

All necessary documents can be found below: