COVID-19 Fast Response Service

fast procedures for research against covid-19

The EU-AMRI Covid-19 Fast Response Service is a coordinated and accelerated procedure for researchers to access the academic facilities, services and resources of the EU-AMRI medical research infrastructures:

  • Biomaterials and associated clinical data 

  • 2019-nCoV challenge studies in NHPs under BSL3+ 

  • Advanced preclinical models including NHPs, with advanced analytical readouts including molecular and structural imaging (including real time imaging of lung lesions), available under BSL 3 conditions 

  • Immunomonitoring and virological assays 

  • High throughput screening supporting diagnostics, genotyping, phenotyping and drug repurposing 

  • Clinical isolation units 

  • Expertise in pharmacology and protein-drug interaction modeling 

  • Regulatory support, including: 

  • Scientific advice procedure with the European Medicines Agency or national authorities 

  • Advice on ethical, regulatory and legal issues in EU member states for clinical trials; Ethics approval submissions; initiation and monitoring of recruiting sites 

  • Multinational clinical trial support 

  • Certified Data Centers for the management of clinical trial data 

  • Access to large EU-funded platform trials in intensive care, hospitalised or primary care patients

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Life Science Research Infrastructures respond to Covid-19

Life Science Research Infrastructures against Covid-19

To support the global effort to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, Life Sciences Research Infrastructures (LS RIs) are prioritising COVID-19 research, as detailed on the special LifeScience-RI website here.

The benefits of using established Research Infrastructures are clear: they are ready and able to provide expert advice and resources to meet a variety of research needs.

This video presents how 9 of the European Life Science Research Infrastructures can be used to advance research on coronavirus and other diseases.

Learn more about the Life Science Research Infrastructures