Data management in clinical research

This training course, designed for clinical research professionals who are not data management experts, will raise awareness on the new challenges raised by the digital revolution in clinical research. Audience: Clinical research professionals (investigators, project managers, etc.), without specific expertise in data management, from the public and the private sector.

Target: This course will address new data challenges in clinical research, clinical trial data management and data centre certification, clinical trial data sharing, and multimodal data management.

Format: Speakers from various backgrounds, with shared and complementary expertise and strong hands-on experience. Emphasis will be given to the discussion with the participants who will have the opportunity to raise specific questions beforehand. Demonstration of a multimodal data management tool.

Partners: Corbel, ECRIN, F-Crin

Industry-Academia Collaboration Workshops

This workshop covers a wide selection of topics addressing benefits and challenges of public-private collaboration with speakers coming from industry and academia. The workshop curriculum is designed to offer interactive communication and exchange of experience, as well as tips on legislation and intellectual property.

Target: Biotech SME-based professionals, Postdoctoral biomedical researchers, junior PIs, Professionals from TTO / Incubators / Industry Liaison, other professionals from pharmaceutical industry.

Objectives: Foster collaboration between academia and industry.

Highlights: Next edition is co-organized with University of Ljubljana and Biocat entirely online on 27-28 September, with a satellite event organized by University of Ljubljana and Novartis.

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EATRIS Plus Summer School for Personalised Medicine

The EATRIS-Plus Summer School in Personalised Medicine has been developed within the framework of EATRIS-Plus Project, a 4-year flagship initiative in personalised medicine, coordinated by EATRIS. The curriculum of this 5-day summer school is designed to address a wide array of topics from omic-based strategies and structural pillars of personalised medicine to biomarkers, pre-clinical models, clinical trials and regulatory aspects, as well as health economics, reimbursement strategies, and patient engagement.

Target: Senior academics, healthcare providers and SME based professionals.

Objectives: Provide a comprehensive overview of current developments and challenges in personal medicine.

Highlights: The first edition of the course took place entirely online on 14-18 June 2021 and nearly 100 participants from across Europe.

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Pre-Analytical Phases of Biobanking

The pre-analytical phase is crucial when handling specimen. Issues that arise even before samples arrive in the laboratory and further route to the biobank play an important role. Errors can occur during the pre-analytical phase with specimen handling and identification. Therefore, the pre-analytical phase must have strict quality assurance and control measures in place to prevent problems or errors which might “travel” unintentionally further.

Target: Managers and associates of biobanks, laboratories and quality departments, as well as researchers and pathologists, but also for anyone wishing to update their scientific knowledge on the topic.

Objectives: To enable participants to recognise the causes of pre-analytical errors; understand the issues related to sample, transportation and fractionation and comprehend the time limits of sample fractionation.

Highlights: BBMRI-ERIC offers this 3-session training in the form of live educational webinars in October 2021. 

Part 1: Phlebotomy

Part 2: Lab - Sample Fractionation

Part 3: Science behind the pre-analytical phase, quality assurance schemes in biobanking

Registration is free of charge. 

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BBMRI.QM Training & Education Programmes

BBMRI has offered 2 multi-session training series for the biobanking and biomedical research communities:  

Free access to the trainings and their recordings is provided to public-sector organizations located in BBMRI member states.  

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Browse our webinar recordings on ELSI, Quality Management, IT and Communications-related topics relevant to the biobanking community!

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Translational Medicine Explained (TMex) - 5-day winter school

The TMex course provides a birds eye view of the medicine discovery and development process. It raises awareness of obstacles and challenges involved in the process and introduces the different players (academia, SME, pharma, regulatory) and career options to participants.

Target: PhD students in the second half of their PhD, early postdocs and other young scientists who are involved in biomedical research.

Objectives: To empower participants to make a difference in translational medicine through inspiration and awareness and by teaching the skills and competencies required to successfully contribute to translational research and medicines development.

Highlights: The TMex Winter school 2021 builds on the experience of the C-COMEND, ENLIGHT-TEN and TMex courses on translational research and medicine development which from 2016-2020 delivered five highly valued courses.

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ADVANCE: educating the next generation of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) developers – 5 Day Workshop

The workshop will be building on the knowledge of the online course on ATMPs development launched in December 2020. The programme follows the 4 key challenges and bottlenecks of the ATMPs development cycle: Scientific, Manufacturing, Regulatory, and Reimbursement/ Commercialisation, as well as clinical aspects. The workshop also includes soft skill sessions such as career management, work-life balance and science communication.

Participants will hear keynote lectures by experts, complete hands-on group assignments, and will get a chance to present their research projects to peers and a panel of experts in a virtual poster session.

Target: Early-career scientists.

Objectives: To support early-career biomedical scientists in developing currently missing scientific knowledge, transversal skills and competences to meet the key challenge areas existing in the ATMP development cycle.

Highlights: The participants will be able to apply for 3 ECTS through the University of Ljubljana.

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The landscape of translational medicine – online course

The e-learning course is offered as an open-access, self-paced e-learning made available to a broad community with an interest in medicines development in general and clinical research in particular.

Target: Anyone interested in learning more about translational medicine.

Objectives: To empower participants to make a difference in translational medicine through inspiration and awareness.

Highlights: The course is delivered as a blended course, where the e-learning precedes the 5 day TMex winterschool to bring learners to the same level of understanding, thus allowing more in-depth discussion during the face-to-face course.

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TransMed Academy: an e-learning platform for translational research

EATRIS has developed a learning platform, offering access to several online activities, free of charge to support biomedical researchers to gain better understanding of translational research and medicines development. Online training modules are a great way to provide high quality, accessible, interactive training at all levels.

Objectives: Anyone interested in learning more about translational medicine.

Highlights: TRANSMED Academy is offering three types of e-learning content:

  • Introductory modules for early career researchers and expert patients.
  • Targeted modules on the use of specific translational technologies for academics and SME based researchers developing Personalised Medicine research.
  • Modules and recorded webinars on cross-cutting topics related to funding, impact or technology transfer for the research community at large.

ADVANCE: educating the next generation of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) developers – online course

This free online course is for anyone interested in the ATMPs development topic. The course curriculum includes approximately 7 hours of interactive lectures, and nearly 20 hours of independent assignments, and is entirely self-paced. It consists of 4 Units representing the key challenges of the ATMPs development cycle – Scientific, Manufacturing, Reimbursement and Regulatory. Participants will have a chance to listen to talks by 12 top scientists, industry experts and regulators in the field, get acquainted with the relevant literature, and complete assignments such as developing a potency assay strategy for a new ATMP, building a submission dossier for regulatory review for a new cell therapy, and performing a Health Technology Assessment on an ATMP using the HTA Core Model.

Target: Early-career scientists/ anyone interested in ATMPs.

Objectives: To support early-career biomedical scientists in developing currently missing scientific knowledge and competences to meet the key challenge areas existing in the ATMP development cycle.

Highlights: Participants have a chance of completing over 20 hours worth of independent assignments designed by experts in key areas of ATMPs development. Participants who complete the course will receive a digital acknowledgement badge.

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