EUPATI Essentials Training

Patient training for life science researchers

EUPATI has been organising both online and in-person patient engagement training, designed for professionals working in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. 

The EUPATI Essentials Training is for professionals that have already experience with patient engagement. The content builds on the EUPATI Fundamentals and looks at specific topics in more depth. However, participants who have not completed the EUPATI Fundamentals training but have relevant knowledge and experience are eligible to join.

The EUPATI Essentials Training Module 1 focuses on establishing a successful relationship with patients. The expected learning outcomes are:

  • Understanding the core elements of establishing a patient relationship
  • Understanding patients and researchers expectations
  • Presenting different tasks within a patient relationship
  • Planning for a patient engagement activity over the lifecycle of a project, setting the right framework & how to apply this in practice
  • Learning how to establish and maintain contact with patients

This training is co-designed and co-delivered by industry and patient representatives and is taking place on 19 January (14.00 - 18.00 CET). Register today.

More information on EUPATI Essentials is here