Greece signs Memorandum of Understanding

Europe Greece

The EU-AMRI consortium is delighted to read about the significant step Greece has taken towards strengthening its collaboration with EU-AMRI partner EATRIS. By signing a Memorandum of Understanding both EATRIS and the Greek partner institute commit to foster collaboration and coordination in promoting the benefits of Greeceā€™s potential membership in EATRIS among national research institutions. The agreement encompasses various activities aimed at enhancing translational research capabilities and driving progress in the field of personalised medicine in Greece.

Greece is member of BBMRI-ERIC since 2010, and joined ECRIN as full member in 2023. By proactively preparing the Greek translational research community, it takes an important step forward to completing the coverage of the national biomedical science landscape, and offering Greek researchers the possibility of a comprehensive workflow in biomedical science. Other European countries where EU-AMRI has a similar workflow, are for example Italy, Norway, Czech Republic, or Spain.

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