International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) 2022

ICTD 2022

The registration for International Clinical Trials Day 2022 - Recruitment in Clinical Trials, is now open!

International Clinical Trial Day 2022 will be co-hosted by ECRIN and its German scientific partner KKS-Netzwerk on May 17th 2022. This years’ theme is Recruitment in Clinical Trials, and is a live, hybrid event direct from Berlin. ICTD 2022 will run from 10:00 to 17:00 CEST, and is free and open to all. Participants can join the speakers at the Lagenbeck-Virchow Haus in Berlin or follow the events online.

Please visit the ICTD 2022 page for more info.

About International Clinical Trials Day

ICTD commemorates the start of the landmark clinical trial, led by James Lind on sailors with scurvy, 20 May 1747. Having laid the foundation for modern clinical research, ECRIN salutes this initiative by addressing a new topic in clinical research every year on or around this date.

ECRINICTD was launched in 2005 by ECRIN, in line with its mission to support multinational clinical research in Europe. ICTD brings together health policy actors, health authorities, clinical researchers, health professionals, patients and citizens from Europe, and beyond to discuss issues related to multinational clinical trials.